Live from Eckwälden - our eyes can create intimacy even when we need to keep our distance. That makes it even more important to take good care of the sensitive skin around it. Extracts of pineapple, marshmallow and calendula have a revitalising, calming effect, smoothing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. While roses, blended with nurturing avocado, macadamia nut and sea buckthorn oils moisturise, nourish and tone.
Live from our garden - our gardeners are currently planting the sage seedlings into their beds. The evergreen leaves have a warming effect. But they also nurture the skin and regulate sweating, while being antimicrobial as well. We extract these powers for Dr. Hauschka products by using our own special rhythmic processes.
Live from Berlin - show your inner and outer beauty. Dr. Hauschka Skin Care helps you keep yourself and your skin healthy and beautiful. Individual formulations based around nurturing plants provide all skin conditions with effective impulses every day when cleansing, toning, moisturising – even when applying make-up. @studiowilliamfan
Live from the “Calendar of the Soul” – our version of a “Monday Quote”, written by Dr. Rudolf Steiner for this very week, one hundred years ago. He inspired the life and the work of Dr. Rudolf Hauschka, but also the ideas of Demeter organic farming and Waldorf education. Even today, here at Dr. Hauschka many of us are still inspired by his words. Have a wonderful week, going your own way with verse no. 09: 'Forgetting is my own self-will As cosmic warmth, foretelling summer Fills my being, soul and spirit: To lose myself within the light Is spirit vision's bidding, And strongly heart's divining tells me: Lose yourself, to find your Self.' Original version by Rudolf Steiner: 'Vergessend meine Willenseigenheit Erfüllet Weltenwärme sommerkündend Mir Geist und Seelenwesen; Im Licht mich zu verlieren Gebietet mir das Geistesschauen, Und kraftvoll kündet Ahnung mir: Verliere dich um dich zu finden.' #drhauschkalive
Live from Eckwälden - take your favorite products with you wherever you go. Three Dr. Hauschka classics, Facial Toner, Hydrating Hand Cream and Soothing Cleansing Milk, will be available in ideal travel sizes for a limited time only.
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Wir laden Sie ein in den Kosmos unserer Kosmetik.
Unsere Pflanzen, unsere Menschen, unsere Welt.
Dr. Hauschka. Live.  




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